Headline Christmas Songs You’ll Never Forget: 2008

As we settle in for a bit of hot chocolate, twinkling lights and a blazing yule log, I thought it might be appropriate to consider some of the Christmas songs that became popular in 2008:

Santa Claus is Seeking a Bailout

“You better watch out, he’s caught in the red, the elves are on strike,
holiday sales are bout dead. . . Santa Claus is seeking a bailout”

Grandma Got Runover by Foreclosure

“Grandma got runover by foreclosure, tried to refi her interest only loan.
Now she can’t afford to buy her groceries, and she’s reduced to skin and bones.”

Jingle ‘Bama Rock
“Jingle bam, jingle bam jingle Obama,
jingle the white house, jingle the congress,
snowin’ and blowin’ the left and the right,
he’s leading down the center line”

Away in a Motown –

“Away in a Motown, no funds to go on, the big 3 automakers can no longer press on.
They fly to DC in their private jets to beg. The 3 auto CEO’s seek millions today.”

We wish you a Czarist Russia –
“Oh, bring back Vladmir Putin, oh bring back Vladmir Putin,
he’s still our leader anyway and mother Russia loves him.”

I Saw Bin Laden Just Last Ramadan

I saw Bin Laden just last Ramadan,
Laughing at our U.S. intelligence,
He hides beneath the mountains, of northern Pakistan,
He lives inside a big cave, with lots of his henchmen.

Please add your 2008 Christmas favorites in the comments section.


8 Responses to “Headline Christmas Songs You’ll Never Forget: 2008”

  1. sweetpeagreen Says:

    Haha! They’re ace! Great idea! Happy Chistmas!

  2. If you haven’t seen it, go to YouTube and search for Santa Bailout. There is a funny clip created just about that. Saw it Tuesday. He is asking for $25 Billion (seems new electronic gizmos for kids are costing him too much).

  3. Andy,
    You are a video guy. Bet you can do a quick “viral-video” that shows clips of Bin Laden in a cave chatting away as usual. But then show other scenes from his cave filled with a Christmas tree and some Hanauka candles, etc.

  4. These are great, thanks for visiting my dog winter wonderland photo essay!

  5. These are great, thanks for visiting my dog winter wonderland photo essay at http://www.wildreiki.wordpress.com. Happy Howlidays!

  6. Lol funny stuff! We should link up!



  7. hourofgold Says:

    I think my favorite is “We Wish You A Czarist Russia.” It warms the heart.

  8. When the dog bites,
    and the bee stings,
    and I feel bad,
    I just remember that I am several thousand dollars in debt but the hair transplant is really holding up.

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