Who Saved President Obama’s Life? His Mother.

The President on Using Babies For Punishment

When is a child a blessing and when is that infant punishment? Is the difference a baby brought into a happy, two parent home? If that is the standard of measurement, then our President was not a blessing. However, the decision his mother made to birth and raise Barack Obama became a blessing for her and all those who voted for him.

NBC just nixed a superbowl airing of an incredibly powerful public service announcement that reminds us of the value of the life of President Obama and all lives. It’s amazing to me that in an age of Lingerie bowl and Go Daddy ads that NBC feels an ad that reminds us of the power of giving life and the history that act can make is considered advocacy. Take a look:

It’s also a strange dichotomy that the mother of our very first African-American President chose life for him but he does not extend that blessing to all the children that follow him. President Obama has promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) once it is introduced as a bill in Congress. FOCA would eliminate all state and federal restrictions on abortion; that means third trimester abortions of infants by making a hole in their head and scrambling their brains. It also means continuing saline abortions; basically burning the infant boy or girl to death.

We will never know the talent, brilliance or intellect of the near 50 million individuals whose lives have been ended by abortion. Perhaps there was one who would have discovered a cure for cancer or AIDS, still another who would have guided us through our economic chaos; yet another who would have brought us energy independence. No, we will never know as their lives were cut short in the womb.

If we could move the issue of choice out of the womb and into the bedroom so many innocent lives would be saved and women could exercise greater control of their bodies and sexuality. The time to make a choice takes place before conception, not after. Abstinency or use of contraception is the most important choice in controlling one’s body and moving away from abortion.

Of course rape or incest create an entirely different set of circumstances. In these cases a different standard must be used by the pregnant woman regarding the end of her child’s life. However, it is important to realize that these cases are rare when compared with the total number of aborted children each year. In Mahkorn & Dolans’ “Sexual Assault & Pregnancy” report they note that out of approximately 6 million pregnancies per year, about 500 are assault rape pregnancies. If we measure those against 900,000 abortions and 500,000 miscarriages, we realize this type of pregnancy and abortion is extremely small; yet those  who argue for abortion uses it like a hammer.

Would the President and First Lady see a grandchild conceived out-of-welock as punishment?

Would he truly encourage either of his daughters to terminate the life of that grandchild?

As President Obama moves through his first term in office, we can only hope he truly wrestles with the issue of life and makes the same choice that his mother did so many years ago.  She chose life and – choosing life can change the course of history.


16 Responses to “Who Saved President Obama’s Life? His Mother.”

  1. Bob Lauro Says:

    Well said…may God forgive us for spilling innocent blood.

  2. mellowstarshine Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my post:

    I am so much in agreement with you. Although with rape and incest, I still don’t believe abortion should be used. Adoption is always the best choice.

    FOCA is sick. Even the most radical pro-choicers can agree that it is completely ignoring religious freedom. I.E. making ALL hospitals, including Catholic ones, perform abortions.

    Glad to see there are people out here on the interwebs who share our beliefs!

    God bless! 🙂

  3. colobaptist Says:

    Excellently stated.

    You aimed and scored perfectly on each point. You spoke so well as to when women should be exercising their choice over reproductive rights and health! Pro-choice could be supported then.

    God bless you.

  4. Words of truth, dismissed by the denial of people claiming peace, while ushering in blood shed.

    God bless you.
    Synthia Esther

  5. Metro State Atheists Says:

    Who saved Hitler’s life? Using the “that fetus could have been a great leader” argument is bunk. For every potential revolutionary there is a potential tyrant. Your argument proved just as much reason to abort every fetus as it does to save every fetus. Save to human race, remove your uterus today. Your baby could be the next Stalin! This might sound silly, but it is the exact same thing you’re doing here; basing the value of a human life on there potential to achieve your subjective standard of right and wrong.
    – Chalmer

  6. gitardood Says:

    did you ever notice that the people, like Chalmer, for abortion, have already been born? My 2 cents worth to Chalmer: I wouldn’t use that argument if you’re implying that Obama is the great leader. The things he has led the way on, like corruption and associations with all sorts of undesirable characters, etc, are not exactly statesmanship like qualities

  7. I found this post through Josh’s blog and I had to ask a few questions.

    1. What, exactly, is the “different standard” that should be used by the victims of rape or incest? I wonder if you mean to say that it’s acceptable to consider abortion in these cases? (In all honesty, if that’s what you meant, I tend to agree with you there; but it’s still something of a double standard to believe that abortion is wrong, the death penalty is wrong, but a “different standard” exists even for a relatively small percentage of cases.)

    2. How is Barack Obama “not extending the blessing of life” to “children that follow him” with the signing of FOCA? Not extending the blessing of life would be his signing of a bill REQUIRING abortion of all future children. Removing restrictions individual states may have in place is a totally different thing. While more people may CHOOSE abortion, this doesn’t mean he’s ENCOURAGING them to do so; in fact, it could also be argued that he is merely making it easier for the victims of rape and incest to seriously consider ALL of their options under that “different standard” to which you refer.

    3. With all due respect to the writer and commenters of this post, do you feel that it’s okay in God’s eyes to belittle Obama or leave insinuations about his character? There was a time when Christ Himself might have been accused of “associations with all sorts of undesirable characters.” I’m not trying to say that Obama is the Second Coming, obviously, but I do question why what should stay a legitimate issue-based argument generally always has to lower itself to the cheap tactics of attacking one’s character, and not in a “Godly” way. Is everyone really okay with that? And more importantly, does everyone really think that God is okay with it? If every life is that valuable that none should be considered suitable for abortion, why don’t we treasure the creation that God made when Obama himself was born?

    4. Finally, do you not think that this is the kind of issue that it’s the CHURCH’S job, not GOVERNMENT’S job, to dictate? The government and the church are two totally different creations. The Bible says that governments have their ultimate authority in God and that we should respect those laws. What if we were all suddenly transplanted into the future to a time when a majority of our leaders exercised faiths that opposed ours, and these people decided to pass laws based on THEIR morality values (which happen NOT to match our views) and IGNORE individual freedom. Would you be okay with that?

    My point here is this: in a country that values freedom, I think the passing of laws that allow more freedom than not is fine; I think it’s the church’s job to make people understand WHY issues like this are a problem, not government’s job to declare them one without explanation. We’ve proven in our history the lengths some will go to when an abortion ISN’T legal. Our job, and it just might be a mandate God is slipping in to see if we’re paying attention, should be to make everyone who would CONSIDER the OPTION to rule it out, not just take the option away and somehow “hope” that they’d value life that much more.

    If someone already thinks that they’re being punished through an unwanted pregnancy, and they know that abortion has been ruled out as an option, where’s the motivation there to suddenly start valuing that life, particularly if a lot of church folks will be sitting around patting themselves on the back about the law being passed?

    On the other hand, if this person is reached through a church and is shown first that the life IS valuable, and they HAVE the option of abortion and choose NOT to take it, isn’t THAT the kind of outcome that says more about how much life is truly valued?

  8. Metro State Atheists Says:

    You assuming that becuase I deem the blogger’s reasoning inadequate that I must be pro-choice. The reasoning, even if the conclusion is correct, is flawed. If I said “The sky is blue, therefore Obama is President,” would you call me rational? My conclusion is true, but my reason is not very persuasive is it? No one should be convinced of anything by the argument becuase it support BOTH sides of the argument. The same reasoning leads to saving all fetuses just as much as it does destroying them. It is a pro-life and a pro-death argument. It just doesn’t work. I never stated my position on abortion, so stop being so presumptuous.
    – Chalmer

  9. They are always trying too keep the fetal man down

  10. It amazes me how willing some people are to give others the right to make choices in their lives, but only if and as long as it agrees with the choices we make for our lives. As soon as someone else makes a choice we personally disagree with, then the other person’s choice is automatically wrong. Meanwhile, we will scream at the top of our lungs if someone else so much as suggests that our choices for our own life are wrong.

    It has always been my belief that anyone opposing abortion should put some teeth behind their choice. They should be required to undergo a vasectomy, hysterectomy, or be required to adopt at least one child currently lanquishing in foster care. All opposition to abortion would end immediately if that was a requirement.

  11. BTW, just for clarification, I do not agree with abortion on demand. At the same time rape and incest victims should not be citimized twice by having to carry that fetus for 9 months.

  12. davidlemon Says:


    We’re talking about the life of innocent babies here. An argument can be made for early term abortions, but third trimester? Absolutely not.

  13. colobaptist Says:


    Your comments were very interesting and thought provoking. In order to keep from taking up space in this blog I wrote a reply to your comments in my own.

    If you are interested you can find it here: http://onebaptist.wordpress.com/2009/02/02/response-to-an-abortion-post-commenter/

    andeero, I did link back to the post and comments here on your blog – to give appropriate attribution and to allow others to read your post as well.

    I hope neither of you are displeased with my actions.

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  15. “You shall not murder.” Exodus 20:13

  16. Abortion is always wrong. Women don’t have the “choice” to cause another human being to die for any reason. God’s views are clearly spelled out for anyone to read for themselves. A non-belief in God doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist, either. A horrible Supreme Court decision does not trump God’s will. We all are ultimately responsible to Him, not to our individual consciences.

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